Baby Sign Classes

It is for parents with babies from newborn up. In the classroom setting it is for up to 12months as the older babies would be wobbling and toddling over to investigate the smaller ones. Now that I’m delivering the classes online it can be opened up to older babies too.

The lockdowns have been difficult for everyone but particularly difficult for new parents, they face new anxieties and unknowns. At least in the online environment they can share those anxieties and hopefully form connections with other parents in their area. This can be achieved by driving the classes through the libraries. It channels it so that participants are from the same general area and hopefully will be able to meet up together in the future

We already know babies can communicate with their hands before they can talk; they can wave; they can clap; they can point. They have the dexterity in their hands to formulate signs long before they have the muscle dexterity in their mouths to form words.

By teaching them sign language from an early age they will have a vocabulary to use, even if they’re not formulating words.

Classes are structured to include approximately 100 Irish sign language signs (ISL) that pertain to the day to day with your baby. Taught through nursery rhymes, songs and poems which will help participants recall the signs and be engaging and entertaining for the little ones.
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